Small Group and Personal Training Studio

Strength and Conditioning Program


Coached on weightlifting technique, calisthenic control and high intensity movements


Variance of training styles, modalities, intensities, durations and focus.


Designed to develop a holistic fitness approach, getting you fitter, faster, stronger and enjoying the process.

About us

Alex has been coaching in the industry for over 12 years now and has developed a sound understanding of movement mechanics and progressive programming.


At the Workshop, he has created a space where safe and consistent lifting techniques take precidence, complimented with appropriate accessory movement and combined with a conditioning aspect focussed on the principles of HIIT training and functional fitness.


Never left to fend for yourself, each session is planned, coached, demonstrated and adapted to suit each individual athlete. So whatever your current level of fitness, we can tailor our program to get the best training stimulus for you.

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Experience the program, the coaching and the community for yourself and meet Alex in person to discuss how we can help you towards your fitness goals